2018/02 - MedPAC’s Repeal And Replace MIPs Campaign Will Not End Well - The pay-for-
performance (P4P) scheme imposed on the traditional fee-for-service Medicare program by an act
of Congress known as MACRA.  After thirteen years, the commissioners finally agreed that P4P
cannot work for multiple reasons, the most important being that the pools of patients treated by
individual doctors are too small to permit accurate measurement of cost and quality.  

2018/02 - Bigger is Not Always Better: How Consolidation in Health Care Hurts Patients - Patients
should worry about consolidation in the health care industry.   Consolidation often limits
competition, and when that happens in market-based systems  the result  is often higher health
care cost.  

2018/01 - Think you know the flu? Ok, let's test your flu IQ.  Click here to view the quiz.

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