Walk With the Doc
Saturday October 14th, 7:00 am

 Can yoga reduce lower back pain?

          In a recent study Yoga proved to be as
good as or better than physical therapy for many
people.  This is good news since alternative
therapies involving surgery or pain medications
may have undesirable side effects.

          The problem with chronic low back pain
is that while some therapies are better on
average than others, no therapy works for
everyone.  The advantage of Yoga is that it
provides another first-line treatment that can
work for some.

          Yoga includes stretching, relaxation,
focus on conscious breathing and
Together these activities undoubtedly provide
relief for tense and stressed muscles.  For
those still requiring pain medications, Yoga may
reduce the dose needed.  For more about the
potential for relief from lower back pain read,
Study Finds Yoga Can Help Back Pain, But
Keep It Gentle, With These Poses.”

           Is yoga right for you? If stress is the
underlying cause, yoga could be worth a try.  Of
course, a morning walk might be just as
effective.  If yoga classes don’t fit your schedule
then perhaps a morning walk is the better
therapy.  If neither fit your busy schedule, your
busy schedule may be the problem. For a
change, give yourself Saturday morning off and
join me for a walk. Should you need an excuse,
tell them it’s on doctor’s orders.

          Nancy Neighbors, MD

                   Let’s take a walk

Saturday, October 14th

  Location: Jones Family Park (see map)

Time: 7:00 am (Meet in front of Yogurt Mt.)

Yogurt Mt. is the last store at the end of Valley Bend
Shopping Center).  If cloudy, bring an umbrella, we walk
come rain or shine.  

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