It’s a New Year

        If looking for a tasty way to enhance your
nutrition or just take off a few pounds, it’s hard to
ignore the advantages of a whole food plant-based

        One of the better whole food plant-based diets
is the “21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart” diet”, by Dr.
Barnard from his book by the same title.  The goal
of the diet is to have you experience the benefits
while developing the necessary skills to continue on
your own.  At the end of 21 days, you should be
comfortable with the diet and ready to enjoy a whole
food plant-based diet as a lifetime habit.

        For those of you that took the challenge
earlier in the year, you likely remember some of the
tasty recipes below.

    • Hearty Chili Mac with Cornbread Muffins
    • Veggie Fajitas with Mexican Corn Salad
    • Costa Rican Rice and Beans
    • Quickie Quesadillas
    • Barbecue-Style Portobellos with Quinoa Pilaf
    • Pita Pizzas

        The good news is that the 21-Day Weight
Loss Kickstart” diet” has been revised and the
online version is still free.  Here is a short list of new

    • A completely updated 21-day meal plan
    • Delicious and healthy plant-based recipes from
around the world
    • Recipe directions with step-by-step photos
    • Twenty-one new videos covering topics ranging
from carbs and protein to weight loss and heart
    • Daily push notifications to keep you inspired
    • A customizable grocery list
    • The ability to mark your favorite recipes

        To get started, just
click this link for the new
21-Day Plant-Based Whole Food Kickstart Diet

       Nancy Neighbors, MD
      Huntsville, Alabama

                Romaine Calm.
 It’s going to be a great diet.

  Tips for Surviving the Holidays

        Stories of weight gain around the holidays are
the new norm for many.  The combined effects of
more tasty foods than usual along with more couch
potato activity can easily add up to an expanding
waistline.  To offset the seasonal forces working
against you try a few of these strategies.

    • Maximize plant-based whole foods.  These are
your weight loss friends.  Calorie dense processed
foods are the gremlins that add pounds.

    • Move more.  If you miss a daily walk or a
workout, find a way to make it up. Even when the
weather is prohibitive for outside activities you can
still get exercise inside with an inexpensive pair of
hand weights, a hula-hoop, jump rope, or just
dancing to your favorite tunes.

    • Explore fun ways to get the family moving.
Family gatherings often involve too much sitting
around.  Perhaps start a new tradition.  Instead of
sitting around, have everyone share the
conversation on a walk.  Should the weather be
try the Danish way with a silly dance
around the Christmas tree.  Need more ideas?  Try
The Best Christmas Dance Songs For Kids” for
more inspiration.

    • Rarely is it too cold for a walk.  More often we
just aren’t dressed properly.  Double layers make a
big difference in how warm you will feel.  With
warmer winters we have many more pleasant winter
days that don’t call for double layers.  Savor every
warm winter day.

    • Sweet potatoes don’t have to be sweet.  Really,
there is no need to add sugar to vegetables.  Let
there be no glazing of carrots this year or
marshmallows on the potatoes.  There will be
enough sugar in your dessert.

    • Let go of perfect.  Although Aunt Sue’s world
famous pecan pie may have 300 calories, it’s Aunt
Sue’s pie and one piece won’t kill you.