Health Care Cost Sharing Ministries

 The advantage of health care sharing ministries is a cost that's less than traditional insurance.  
However, they do come with restrictions not found in traditional insurance plans.  

 `By some estimates, upwards of 500,000 people may be participating in these cost sharing plans.
While there have been instances of misappropriated of funds, most appear to provide a reliable

 In order for members to be exempt from the tax penalties outlined in the Affordable Care Act,
ministries must meet the following qualifications:

Must be a 501(c)(3) organization
Members must share common ethical or religious beliefs
Must not discriminate membership based on state of residence or employment
Members cannot lose membership due to development of a medical condition
Must have existed and been in practice continually since December 31, 1999
Must be subject to an annual audit by an independent CPA (publicly available upon request)

 Not all health care sharing ministries meet these requirements. Four ministries that are reported to
have met these qualifications are: Christian Healthcare Ministries, Liberty HealthShare, Samaritan
Ministries, and Medi-Share.

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