What Position Have the Candidates For President Taken in 2016?

     Healthcare will be on the minds of most voters this presidential election season.  The big question,
“What are the candidates saying in 2016?”  
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Where do the Presidential Candidates stand on the ACA in 2016?

     Hillary Clinton (D): Supports it.

     Sen. Bernie Sanders (D): In favor of a "Medicare-for-all" single-payer system giving all Americans
comprehensive health services, making private health insurance's only purpose to provide
supplemental coverage.

     Gov. Jeb Bush (R): Repeal the ACA and offer tax breaks on health benefits to workers receiving
healthcare coverage from their employer.

     Ben Carson, M.D. (R): Repeal the ACA and replace it with HEAs (Health Empowerment Accounts)
where individuals can contribute money tax-free to cover health costs for themselves and/or their
family members.  Any unused funds would roll over year to year and could transfer across state lines.

     Sen Ted Cruz (R): Repeal the ACA and expand HEAs allowing individuals to contribute money tax-
free and pay uncovered medical expenses.  He supports allowing health insurance to be purchased
from any state of choice.

     Sen. Marco Rubio (R): Repeal the ACA and replace it with a refundable tax credit to purchase
health insurance that would increase each year.  He would also offer federal support to state-based
high-risk pools for persons with pre-existing health conditions.  He supports allowing health insurance
to be purchased in any state of choice and also expanding health savings accounts to pay uncovered
medical expenses.

     Donald Trump (R): Repeal the ACA and allow consumers to buy plans from insurers in any state.  
He supports health savings accounts to pay for uncovered medical expenses.