Dermatology - overview and resources

Dermatology Image atlases:
Dermatology Internet Service (DermIS) from the University of Erlangen includes the largest online
atlas, plus much more.

Dermnet has a first-rate online image atlas.  

Loyola University's dermatology site has good clinical and histologic images.  

Human Surface Anatomy Mapper   (Also see Medscape mapper)

CV Risk Calculator - Estimates the 10-year and lifetime risks for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
(ASCVD) (Down Load Spreadsheet) - Assessment scales with “moderate” to “very good” abilities to determine the likelihood
of death within six months to five years in various older populations.

Medical calculators - Charlie's Clinical Calculators, a collection of on-line clinical calculators

MDCalc - Medical calculators for wide range of uses - Skin Disease Finder - Identify skin disease in three easy steps

FingertipFormulary - An alternative to ePocrates..  It's not as full featured as ePocrates but is free on
your laptop.  Some find that it has more formulary information than ePocrates.

Black Box Warnings -   FDA may require the distribution of Medication Guides for selected drugs.
Bolded drug names on this list have Medication Guides which are available on the FDA website

Resources  to help communicate with parents about immunizations

"If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child, Understand the Risks and Responsibilities," (2-page PDF;
About PDFs) a two-page handout for parents that covers the risks of not vaccinating children and the
steps parents should take to protect an unvaccinated child, family member and others;

"The Prudent Prescriber"  - A free monthly resource by email. Short 2 Pager with lots of info packed in
each newsletter. The Prudent Prescriber, a monthly, online publication, contains the latest information
on prescription  drugs and drug interactions to avoid.

"Electronic Preventative Services Selector" - Helps clinicians identify clinical preventive services that
are appropriate for their patients. Use the tool to search and browse U.S. Preventive Services Task
Force (USPSTF) recommendations.  See
tools tab for patient education information.

AFP Editors' Choice of Best Current Content - AFP editors have identified their best current
information on the most commonly sought topics.  The editors update these collections continually to
ensure that they remain as current and as useful as possible.

AFP recommendations that are particularly relevant to primary care clinicians (
Full List, Search Tool) - Number-Needed-to-Treat - The NNT offers a measurement of the impact of a medicine
or therapy by estimating the number of patients that need to be treated in order to have an impact on
one person.

Preoperative Surgical Risk Assessment Calculato for Inpatient Surgeries - For more
preoperative assessment guidelines
click here. l


Other sites to review
- The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is devoted entirely to
medication error prevention and safe medication use.  - The TRIP Database is a clinical search tool designed to allow health
professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice.  Users benefit
from extra features such as CPD, search history, and collaborative tools.  - Dermatology Atlas - YouTube video about
neurotoxins from black mold.   Dr. Shoemaker describes how mold toxins can cause cognitive issues  It
may seem a little bit off the subject but the connection becomes clear around 7.5 minutes..  Anyone
unfamilar with biotoxins and their remediation needs to watch the video.

Websites offered by other primary care organizations and physician's offices:
Dr. Susan Andrews
American Academy of Family Physicians
Dr. Allen R. Wenner
Web MD
Dr. Alan T. Falkoff
Dr. Kelly Locke
Dr. Karen Evans
Dr. Jill R. Barron
Dr. James W. McNabb
Dr. Spiegal
Dr. Kathy Saradarian
Dr. Oenbrink
Dr Knope
Dr. Forbush
Dr. Wollschlaeger
Dr. Buglisi
Dr. Voran
Dr. Conner
Dr. Saradarian
Dr. Pector
Dr. Samudrala