2015/01  What are the trends in flu spreading this flu season?
1. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) publishes a
map of flu trends.  However, it lags by about
two weeks due to limitations in collecting data.
Google flu trends is another way to monitor flu trends and has the CDC stamp of approval.  
Learn the
flu fact you need from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

2015/02   Is sitting too long killing you?  The studies just keep coming. Sitting our life away, it
seems, may be very bad for our health and even our life expectancy.  More at "
Is sitting down
killing you Infographic"

2015/03   Ten Ways to Spend Less on Prescription Drugs.  Now for some good news: You can
slash your out-of-pocket spending on Rx drugs if you learn the secrets of health insurers and know
how to navigate the health care marketplace.  Read more money saving ideas at
Pay Cash for
Your Health Care.  For some of the more expensive generics, discounts are sometime available
from discount pharmacies like

2015/04   Strategies for Your Health Savings Account.  Many HSA plans let you invest in mutual
funds or stocks, not just low-interest savings accounts.

2015/05 - The Healthy Heart Score Calculator is based on the nine most critical diet and lifestyle
factors that can influence a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the next
20 years. The calculator walks users through a series of easy-to-follow questions about their
lifestyle. (Note: if link fails, try searching for term "Healthy Heart Score Calculator")

2015/05 - Let's Make our Day Harder - Small changes in one behaviour can impact different parts
of your life. Moving a little more every day can lead to more energy, thinking better, stressing less,
better sleep, better food choices and more! Whether it’s parking at the back of the lot and walking
further, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, stretching before your morning coffee, or going
dancing after work, everything counts in Making Your Day Harder!  

2015/06 - Each Spring Dr. Neighbors provides garden plants as encouragement to consider the
health benefits of a personal garden that can include the nutrition of natural foods along with the
opportunity for a relaxing hobby.  If you were curious where Dr. Neighbors gets these plants you
enjoy reading more.

2015/07 - Twenty Five Minutes of Walking Makes a Difference - Health experts claim even
moderate exercise can reduce ageing and halve risk of dying from heart attack.  Just 25 minutes of
brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life, health experts have said. Researchers
told the European Society of Cardiology congress that regular exercise could reduce ageing and
increase the average lifespan.  
Read More  

2015/08 - Would you eat 16 packs of sugar?  Do you know how much sugar you're consuming?
There are about 16 packs of sugar in one 600ml bottle of regular soft drink. You wouldn't eat 16
packs of sugar so why would you drink it?

2015/09 - What You Should Know for the 2015-2016 Influenza Season - Take steps every day to
stop the spread of germs. Getting the flu vaccine is the
most important step.

2015/10 - 100 Reasons to Walk - One of Dr. Neighbors' missions is to encourage healthy physical
activity in patients of all ages.  Walking helps reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle
and improve  health.  Fall is a great time for getting outdoors in North Alabama. Having trouble
getting started?  Ask about a weekend walk with your doctor.

2015/10 - What would happen if we didn't vaccinate?  Now learn Five Important Reasons to
Vaccinate Your Child.

2015/10 - Dr. Evans offers Healthy Eating advice with more thoughts about "What's the Best

2015/11 - The Alabama Rx Card can be used for savings of up to 75 percent on prescription
medications at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide.  The card discounts both brand and
generic prescription medications for those individuals without prescription coverage. Additionally,
those who have prescription drug coverage may still qualify and receive discounts on medications
not covered by their insurance plan. There’s no application to complete, no membership
restrictions, no income requirement, and no age limitations.      

2015/12 - Walking is good medicine. Be sure to ask about Dr. Neighbors next walking event.  Over
the coming year Dr. Neighbors will be inviting patients to join her as she explores the many walking
trails and greenways in Madison County.   Announcements of upcoming events are emailed. Be
sure to ask about upcoming events if you do not receive email.

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