2019/09 - How Are Hospitals Supposed to Reduce Readmissions? In this article, Kip Sullivan
questions the notion that hospital readmission rates are a valid quality measure.  On a closer look
at the data, it appears that hospitals may be gaming the system to meet an impossible
Government goal.  This raises an interesting question.  If drug companies are not allowed to
promote drugs for purposes for which the drugs have not been tested, why do we tolerate the
promotion of Government health policies for purposes for which they have not been tested?

2019/06 - The Debates have begun.  Unfortunately, neither Republican nor Democrat
candidates are addressing the root causes.  Most Americans have a very unhealthy lifestyle that is
encouraged by public policy.  Oh well,
Read on.

2019/05 - Research Highlights the Enigma of Primary Care Spending - Evidence Shows It Works,
so Why Don't We Do More of It?  An analysis of health care spending on Medicare beneficiaries
found that spending on primary care accounted for a very small percentage of total fee-for-service
expenditures.   Primary care spending represented between 2.1% and 4.9% of total medical
spending depending on the definitions of practitioner and scope of services used.

2019/04 - MedPAC’s Latest Bad Idea: Forcing Doctors to Join ACOs - For most the title of this
article has too many annoying acronyms.  As an informed citizen I suggest not letting that dissuade
you from plunging into the article.
MedPAC is the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. They
oversee Medicare and make recommendations to Congress about what they perceive as changes
in law that will make Medicare more affordable, more effective, etc. Their grand idea  over last
decade has been to push doctors into Accountable Care Organizations (
ACOs). It's a  great
sounding idea except for evidence that it doesn't work.  Regrettably Congress has a habit of
creating grand legislation that sounds good but only makes matters worse. It's all part of kicking
the can down the road.  Perhaps passing a hot potato is a better metaphor.  Unfortunately, the last
ones to catch the potato will be the Medicare patients.

2019/04 - Eat Your Veggies: Study Finds Poor Diets Linked to One in Five Deaths - The global
health study covered data from 1990 to 2017 across 195 countries.

2019/04 - Healthy food prescriptions could save billions in healthcare costs - A new study shows
subsidized fruits and vegetables could also prevent millions of cases of cardiovascular disease.

2019/03 - In a recent letter from The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) to the Senate
Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), ACLM reminded Congress that we
are unlikely to lower the cost of health insurance until we address America’s rising health care
demand.   While it is often estimated that part of healthcare spending in America is unnecessary, it
is also the case, but less recognized that an unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of most common
chronic illness.  A health care system that perpetuates illness vs. wellness is not sustainable.

2019/02 - Review of The Tyranny of Metrics by  Jerry Z. Muller - Muller, a professor of history at
the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, questions the obsession for measuring
quality in aspects of life that it may not serve to measure.  Measurement is helpful in developing
hypotheses for further investigation, and it is essential in improving anything that is complex or
requires discipline. The object of Muller’s criticism is the rampant use of crude measures of
efficiency (cost and quality) to dish out rewards and punishment – bonuses and financial penalties,
promotion or demotion, or greater or less market share.

2019/01 - Want to know what the Government is doing to improve primary care?  You might be
surprised to learn the Government has question too.  Interestingly, a Kansas primary care
physician has answers.  Alas, Senators are long winded and the full 2+ hour Senate committee
hearing may be more than you can handle. By fast forwarding to the eight short segments in the
hearings where Dr. Umber speaks you can bypass the 'Government Speak'  and get directly to an
amazing 20 minute message that describes a solution to the escalating cost of healthcare. Just
fast forward to the short talks beginning at approximately 32 min., 57 min., 1 hour, 1hr 24min., 1 hr
32 min., 1 hr 42min., 1hr 51min.,and 2hr, 9min.

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