More About Updating Your Medical History

It's best to update your medical history just before your next appointment so that it includes your
most recent information.

During your appointment, Dr. Neighbors will discuss the information you provided and give you an
opportunity to make any changes needed.  By providing information prior to your visit, Dr.
Neighbors can spend more of your appointment time planning your care rather than making notes.

Unless our staff suggested a specific questionnaire, choose a "reason" from the list provided that
best describes your need.  If you need
help selecting a questionnaire then click on the Help link for
suggestions or
contact us for assistance.

For some conditions, there are many relevant questions, so be prepared to take the time
necessary for thoughtful answers.  The information you provide can help Dr. Neighbors be much
more complete during your appointment.

After answering the questions, you will be given an opportunity to print your medical history.  When
you are ready to begin, click the link below.

    Begin My Medical History Questionnaire Now

Dr. Neighbors demonstrates how easily you can update
your medical history over the Internet from any web
browser. (
See Quick Overview)

By using a computer based medical history
questionnaire you provide information that aids Dr.
Neighbors in helping you.

Computer based questionnaires replace the older "one
size fits all" paper questionnaires with "smart questions"
based on your age, gender and medical condition.   Even
better, with 20 years of research behind them,  you
benefit from the knowledge of medical experts from a
wide range of medical specialities.