1. What is the single best thing we can do for
our health?   A Doctor-Professor answers the
old question in a completely new way.

4. Learn what the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
recommends for you?  Learn what impartial experts

2. Seafood Watch - Try adding heart health
seafood to your menu.  The Monterey Bay
Aquarium's Seafood Watch offers fresh tasting
recipe ideas, nutrition advice and smart
shopping ideas.

5. Fooducate is a nutritional awareness application  for
your smart phone that can help you be a smarter
shopper.  Just scan the UPC code on a product at the
grocery store and it gives you a full nutritional rundown
along with healthier alternatives.

3. Find where you stand with Life's Simple 7
Success Plan.  Take the assessment and get a
personal heart score. Your results will show
where you stand and create an action plan that
is customized to you.

6. ChooseMyPlate.gov - Offers great ideas about
nutrition.  The Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series
provides high quality, easy-to-follow tips in a
convenient, printable format. These are perfect for
posting on a refrigerator.
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