Medical Information Questionnaire

The best time to update your medical information is the day of your appointment
or if necessary the day before.

Otherwise, plan to arrive 20 minutes early to allow time to update your medical
history prior to your appointment.

If a specific medical information questionnaire was not recommended to you at
the time you made your appointment, then
please ask our staff or make an
informed selection after reading "
How To Select a Medical Information
                                     Click link below to begin.

Begin My Medical Information Questionnaire Now
Dr. Neighbors demonstrates how
easily you can update your medical
information over the Internet from any
web browser. (
See Quick Overview)

By using a computer based medical
information questionnaire you provide
information that aids Dr. Neighbors in
helping you.

Computer based questionnaires
replace the older "one size fits all"
paper questionnaires with "smart
questions" based on your age, gender
and medical condition.   Even better,
with 20 years of research behind
them,  you gain from expert questions
from a wide range of medical