A Passion for Prevention and Wellness

Each person has unique needs and their care should be as unique as
they are.

I like to know you at a deeper level, relating to you as both your physician
and a trusted friend. This relationship allows me to listen, teach,
encourage, and guide you through the complexities of medicine and your
personal healthcare needs.

Through a more individualized approach, I can often avoid using
prescription medications and recommend progressive diet, exercise
regimes and natural products.

We are all a work in progress needing tenacity, knowledge, time, and
passion. In my wellness program I have the opportunity to provide what’s
really needed.

My aim is to help you achieve and enjoy the healthiest, most vibrant, and
rewarding life possible.

As an educator, I encourage you to become a well informed participant in
healthy living.

As a physician, I have the time to listen and learn about the physical,
emotional, and social aspects of your life that together influence your
health and overall sense of well-being.

I look forward to being your health coach and partner as you navigate
your course to a healthier and happier life.  Keeping you healthy is not
just my job, it is my commitment.  

I believe patients are empowered when they know I can be there in time of

Good health is precious.  That is why I emphasize prevention through a
wellness plan focused on lifestyle changes and not just quick solutions
that only relieve symptoms.

As a doctor, mother, and wife I know that a well balanced diet and regular
exercise are critical for physical and mental well-being for creating
balance in our complex and sometimes hectic lives.

As we evolve in life our goals and values evolve. Living healthy is having
the ability to attain these goals.  Seeing you attain your quest is the
measure of my success.

My goal is to partner with you on a personal level to help achieve the
health you value.

The practice of medicine is an art and a science. In a world of ever-
advancing technology and information, the first step remains unhurried
communication with your doctor.  

That is my passion.