What Patients Have To Say

Is Dr. Nancy Neighbors the right Family Practice physician for you?  While no doctor can meet the  
expectations of all patients, many have found Dr. Neighbors a valued source of wellness assistance
and medical care.  Below is a sample from the thousands of comments patients have made about Dr.
Neighbors' care.

The best doctor I ever had
Listens and hears me
Caring and loving
Very thorough
Proactive with my care and needs
Secure feeling
Always a great experience
Personable and caring
Caring and friendly
Shows real concern
A dedication missing in others
One I can trust
Speaks to me as a peer
Outstanding academic background in medicine
Genuinely cares about my health
Never had a doctor this good
Spent enough time with me
Made me feel comfortable
Wish I had known her years ago
Compassionate, listens, takes time
Just doesn't get any better
Truly cares
One of a kind
Caring and interested in my health
Knows how to talk to me
Helps me feel better about my health
Cares about my health and well being
Professional and compassionate
Waited an hour, would have waited all day
Takes time needed to establish a relationship
Always addresses my concerns
Listens to my thoughts
Gives me a path ahead
So happy to have good care
I can tell her anything
Excellent doctor
I recommended her to friends
Never talks down to me
Never feel like she is rushing me
Always treats me with respect
I would recommend her to anyone
Cares about my well being
Always a great experience
My visit left me so relieved and happy
Being a patient is a blessing in my life
A true professional
She listens intently to questions
Answers in a manner  you can understand
Offers the best solution and alternatives
Found solutions that fit my personal situation
Explains why
The nicest "bedside manner"
Very thorough and explains things well
Other doctors tell me "oh, she's good"
Always a warm reception
I trust her judgment
Treats the cause rather than the symptoms
Most concerned doctor I’ve known
Explains so I have no questions
Most caring Doctor I've known
Saved my life and sanity
I vote doctor of the year
Promotes wellness with healthy diet and exercise
Never feel like I wasted my time
Actually listens to what's bothering me
Really interested in prevention
Always superb care and a very good experience
An excellent family doctor
Ensures important tests and explains results
Understands my medical history
Always available when I have a concern
Wish she could see all of my friends
Best doctor I have ever had
Outstanding physician in every aspect
Recommend her to family or friends
Best doctor I ever had
A  doctor that truly cares for patients
A friend you can talk to
Never feel  like just another patient
Very pleased - excellent care and listens
Has my best interest in mind
Knowledgeable and professional
Makes me feel special
Has time when I have a question
Wouldn't want anyone else
Obviously deeply cares for patients
Excellent coordination of care with other doctors
Knows what a 78 year old needs
Caring, compassionate, and comprehensive
Most competent physician I have ever used
For me, she is always right
Calming and caring
Best primary care I ever had
Speaks to me with respect
Uses words I understand
I feel taken care of
Never want another doctor
Kind, courteous and caring
Professional, warm, intuitive, attentive
Advice helped me lose weight
So thorough and treats me as family
Treats me with highest respect
No one better for my wife and I
Extensive training made her this doctor’s doctor
Medical advice is tops
Trained here and abroad in two specialties
Wait was long but care was great
Ensures all questions are answered
Refers to a specialist when needed
Had the "patience of Job" with me
best MD I’ve known In 30 years as a nurse
Excellent clinical skills
Character, grit and compassion
Holistic care put me on my way to a healthy life
Knowledgeable and very kind
Makes me feel important
Genuinely interested in my health and well-being
Very personable and professional
Thorough and easy to talk to
Exceptional doctor
Polite and caring
Beyond a perfect ten
Could not ask for a better doctor
Felt  welcomed and respected
Complete trust in her capabilities
Explains what she is doing and why
Couldn't imagine using another doctor
Passionate about her work and her patients
So thankful for saving my husband's life
Concerned about my health
Sincerely cares,  compassionate, and smart
Practices what she preaches
Most medical knowledge I’ve seen
Caring but stern - explains everything
Always have a great experience
Recommended my doctor to many people
Obvious care about welfare of patients
Highly competent with excellent credentials
Probably the best family doctor in town
Top care in a loving and personal fashion
Spends ample time with me
Answers questions thoroughly
Experience is much better than I expected
Attentive, thorough, and listens
Doesn’t hesitate to send for specialist if necessary
Talks to my children like adults and about how they feel
Helps find competent specialist
Caring, complete and knowledgeable
Couldn't ask for a better doctor
Makes sure I am in the best of health
A rare jewel in the health care field
Willing to try alternatives - Totally ROCKS!
Works closely with me to prevent illness
Proactive with my chronic conditions
Only refers out when appropriate
Truly interested in both my physical and mental well being

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