Routine results will be discussed with you at your next follow-up appointment,
however, if there is an abnormal result which cannot wait until your next appointment,
you will be notified.

         Also, if your tests or blood work were done for an acute problem and you do not
have a scheduled follow up appointment, you can expect to be notified as soon as we
have reviewed your results.

         Please allow 1-2 weeks for results, depending on what was ordered.
Sometimes certain tests need to be sent out to laboratories in other parts of the
country, which may not get back to us as quickly as we'd like. For radiological testing,
such as MRIs or even cardiac stress tests, we must wait for the official report to come
back before we can review the results and pass them along to you. We ask for your
patience and understanding in these circumstances.

         Typically if you have not heard from us, either we have not received your results,
Dr. Neighbors has not reviewed your results, or the results are normal and we are
planning to review them with you at your follow up appointment.

         If it has been greater than two weeks, you have no follow up, and you have not
heard from us, you can request results of tests by
contacting our office.


Request Results