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Dr. Nancy Neighbors
New Patient Information

You may request placement on Dr. Neighbors' new patient waiting list.  
When openings become available you will be notified.

When notified of your first appointment, you will be ask to:

1. Bring all medical records.  These records need to include laboratory reports,
consultant reports and reports of radiological studies.  Also bring all medications,
vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications you use.

2. Bring your insurance information.  This allows us to submit your claim so that you
can be reimbursed.

3. Complete an online
medical history questionnaire.  The questionnaire will begin by
asking your name, birth date, gender and reason for your visit.  Unless you have
been advised otherwise, type the term "
General Exam" as the reason for your visit.  
Then be prepared to take 15 to 20 minutes as the questionnaire helps you prepare
an up-to-date medical history.

Download and complete the new patient information forms.

Additional information for new patients:

How to find our office (Map and Directions)

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