HIPAA Training

Required HIPAA topics for staff and visitors              

Introductory PowerPoint  presentation  (Staff and Visitors)        

            HIPAA PowerPoint -- This PowerPoint presentation can be used  to explain
            patient confidentiality, privacy and HIPAA.

            HIPAA Forms -- These forms can be used by students, visitors, etc.   

CyberSecure Your Medical Practice (Training game) - uses a game format that
requires users to respond to privacy and security challenges often faced in a typical
small medical practice. Users choosing the right response earn points and see their
virtual medical practices flourish. But users making the wrong security decisions can hurt
their virtual practices.

Optional HIPAA Topics

    You can help choose the best materials to recommend for additional staff training.  
The list below is includes known materials.  Have better suggestions?  All ideas are

Ethics and HIPAA  (Staff )

HIPAA 101: The Basics of HIPAA Administrative Simplification   (Administrator)

5 Interesting HIPAA & HITECH Rule YouTube Videos   (Administrator)

  HIPAA IT Security: Moving Beyond HIPAA to EHR Security as a Healthcare Provider -
History leading up to 2009 security rule  (Stafff)

HIPAA Security Awareness Video (about EMR use securingthehuman.org)  (Staff)

HIPAA-HITECH-Contingency Plan Webinar Overview - discusses data security
including contingency plans  (Administrator)

HIPAA Training part1 (from a pharmacy’s training materials)   (Staff)