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2020/05 - What’s a diagnosis about? COVID-19 and beyond by  Michel Accad - Many are raising
questions about what counts as a COVID case or a COVID death.  Beyond the raw numbers, many
controversies also rage about derivative statistics such as “case fatality rates” and “infection fatality
rates,” not just among the general public but between academics as well.  

2020/05 - A Vigilante in Statistical Badlands by Anish Koka, MD - Something didn’t seem right to
epidemiologist Eric Weinhandl when he glanced at an article published in the venerated Journal of the
American Medical Association (JAMA). Most revealing when the facts were known, the academic
hierarchy is frequently established not by the bubbling of the best ideas and evidence to the top, but
by discrediting those with opinions that don’t come from the academic cabal.

2020/05 - Testing Won't get Us Where We Need to Go - The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc,
we are told, because the nation is not testing enough.  The consensus from a diverse group that
includes public health experts, economists, and silicon valley investors is that more testing will allow
the country to restart the economy and do it safely. Unfortunately, simple math shows this to be an
unrealistic solution.

2020/04 - Beware the COVID-tech Cowboys by Hugh Harvey, MBBS, The COVID-19 pandemic is
categorically not a black swan event.  Black swans are by definition unknowable and unpredictable. In
contrast, a global viral pandemic was predicted by scientists decades before, from the potential
impact, right down to the source of the virus.

2020/04 - Lessons from Zika in the Era of COVID-19 by  Chadi Nabhan, MD, The WHO and CDC
reaction to the Zika epidemic should have been a lesson. Unfortunately, we failed to learn from the
mistakes of the past in handling today’s pandemic.

2020/04 - The COVID Pandemic: WHO Dunnit? by Anish Koka, MD, The failure of the responsible
institutions will hopefully not fade from memory anytime soon. If we are to avoid the next pandemic, it
will be because we listen to those at the coalface and ignore the empty suits from Geneva and their
even emptier proclamations.

2020/04 - False Negative: Testing’s Catch-22 - It is better to mistake the man flu for coronavirus than
coronavirus for the man flu. All we have to do is hunker down, which is what we should all be doing as
much as we can.

2020/04 - Pandemics Are the Mother of Invention - If, as they say, necessity is the mother of
invention, then you’d have to say that the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be the mother of
invention and innovation.

2020/03 - American Primary Care and My Soviet Era Class Trip: Sensing the Inevitable Collapse of a
Top Down Bureaucracy

2020/03 - What is Socialism?  Since a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination
has endorsed it, since most of his opponents have refused to denounce it, and since a majority of
young people appear to approve of it, now is a good time to ask: what exactly is socialism?

2020/02 - The Dangers in Nationalizing Health Care - By now it should be clear to everyone that
“Medicare for All” doesn’t really mean Medicare for all. In fact, it means getting rid of every health plan
Americans know and are comfortable with and creating an entirely new, government-run health care

2020/01 - What The Left Doesn’t Understand About Health Care Prices - In just about every critique
of the U.S. health care system, the subject of prices is front and center. See for example, It’s the
Prices Stupid: Why the United States Is So Different from Other Countries and the more recent update.

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