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2020/03 - What is Socialism?  Since a leading contender for the Democratic presidential
nomination has endorsed it, since most of his opponents have refused to denounce it, and since a
majority of young people appear to approve of it, now is a good time to ask: what exactly is

2020/02 - The Dangers in Nationalizing Health Care - By now it should be clear to everyone that
“Medicare for All” doesn’t really mean Medicare for all. In fact, it means getting rid of every health
plan Americans know and are comfortable with and creating an entirely new, government-run
health care system.

2020/01 - What The Left Doesn’t Understand About Health Care Prices - In just about every
critique of the U.S. health care system, the subject of prices is front and center. See for example, It’
s the Prices Stupid: Why the United States Is So Different from Other Countries and the more
recent update.

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